Palisades Riviera

For the original properties, the planning and choice of street names had come under the aegis of the Pacific Palisades Association and the Methodist Church.

In 1923, however, Alphonzo Bell purchased 22,000 acres of choice land from the Santa Monica Mountain Park Company and Santa Monica Land and Water Company, giving Bell a princely expanse of scenically beautiful mountain property that extended from Bel-Air to the sea and included most of the acreage that surrounded the community of Pacific Palisades.

Somewhat later, Bell's first sales agent in Bel-Air, Frank Meline, took over a second tract of land to the west and south and subdivided the California Riviera.

Bell's influence on these tracts was strong, both in their restrictive character and in the choice of street names which were drawn from the family's travels in Italy, France, and Spain, Most of the names are Italian in origin, many being inspired by the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, south of Naples, where, just as in Pacific Palisades, "the mountains meet the sea."
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