Huntington Palisades


The various subdivisions platted by the Pacific Palisades Association and the Olmsteds were little more than patterns traced on the mesas when a large piece of land belonging to the heirs of Collis Huntington became available. Fearful the property would fall into hands unsympatheitic with the community's ideals, the Association took a daring step on February 6, 1926, and purchased the entire 226-acre plot for $1,625,000. Palisades residents apparently discovered that the Catholic Church was looking for a college and was seriously considering the Huntington property. The Association hastily arranged the purchase, and Mount St. Mary's College was established in Brentwood instead.

Dr. Scott, Robert C. Gillis, and the Association agreed that Huntington Palisades would be an exclusive development for a discriminating clientele. Broad Streets in graceful curves outlined the periphery of the mesa and formed concentric semi-circles around El Cerco Place. W.W. Williams, who developed the plan, was responsible for the engineering and construction while Mark Daniels directed the landscaping and beautification phase of the development. Underground utilities were installed and ornamental light fixtures were provided, costing four times the normal amount for such services.

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